Saturday, January 22, 2011

Postscript, January 22, 2011

Well, our walk to the fort was long and mostly uphill for much of the last 4 kilometers. It started as a nice slow climb and then went straight uphill! It truly was worth the walk, though. It was built by the Portuguese in 1542 and is very different in layout and design from the ones built by the Moghuls and other kings of India. It had two levels; one close to the sea and one rising far above it. The fort sits at the cusp of where the river meets the sea and any intruders can be seen for miles.

I have had a geography lesson as well. It seems that the Arbrian Sea comes down to meet the Indian Ocean and this part of Goa and even Mumbai is technicaly considered part of the Arabian Sea. I am disappointed, not because I got my geography mixed up, but somehow felt nostalgic to think I was on the other side of the Indian Ocean from Kenya; which it turns out is much farther south. Oh, well.

Our walk today was quite lengthy, maybe 10 kilometers all together but we were fortified with a huge carb loaded breakfast at a cafe called Chocolate. It is the same one we got the carrot cake at and they make a great homemade whole wheat bread. I had mine with eggs and Devika had hers made into french toast. Yummy!

We have showered, read some novels and will now prepare to go to the Saturday market festival.

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